Project LIT Summit: Next Steps & Improvements

Continuing with the reflections from Project LIT Summit, here are the steps that our chapter leaders plan to take this summer/next school year as well as some additional suggestions for future events. Thanks for reading!

Group 1

After the Project LIT Summit, I plan to…

  • organize local meet-ups in my community!
  • Start a chapter and continue to place diverse, relevant texts in the hands of my students.
  • Buy more books
  • Read the 2018-19 list this summer, create a Donors Choose account and an Amazon Wishlist, and start planning for our Club’s inaugural meeting in October.
  • Get our chapter started
  • Read all of the selections this summer!
  • READ! I am working to revise and market my funding as well as work with supporters on grant opportunities. I am also reaching out to teachers in the district to get them started on creating groups at the other schools.
  • Meet with my co leader and start drafting letters for parents, students and community stakeholders.
  • Begin implementing more book clubs, finding ways to obtain the books, and making my classroom more student led.Read all the books and host at least 4 book clubs this year!
  • start a ProjectLIT chapter in my new school
  • Tell my new principal about Project LIT, work on funding for books.
  • Bring this energy and the new ideas I gained back to my chapter to help us grow and be more successful this year!
  • Write a new grant specifically for middle school books to support schools in my area
  • Read ALL of the books in preparation for bringing them to my school and community.
  • Start getting our Donor’s Choose ready, plan like crazy, and connect with all my new leader friends on Twitter.
  • Work on establishing a leadership team who will brainstorm this summer.
  • Work even harder to connect with students and reach every child through a book.
  • Help foster student leaders.
  • focus on bringing diverse literary choice to my students and the surrounding community.
  • Keep on trucking!
  • Finish reading all 25 selections this summer! Bring takeaways back to my staff, spread the word about project lit so we can have more chapters in DC!
  • Keep working my way through this stack of amazing books.
  • read, share, and gather together students to begin our chapter.

One thing we could add to next year’s summit is…

  • Offer separate tracks for students and educators!
  • Jason Reynolds and Elizabeth Acevedo
  • An opportunity for students to create something during the afternoon sessions and present (or perform) it at the closing session.
  • Buddy system sign ups.  Chapter leaders could work on planning events virtually between their chapters.
  • Maybe we can have a longer day on the first day, and do a shorter second day.
  • Maybe a community engagement session – where community members “pledge” for the year? That’s a half-baked idea. Just pondering.
  • Another author signing time.
  • More authors! 😉 Just kidding…mostly. Personal connections with authors is so powerful. Honestly, just the chance to attend even one more session or meet with our regional people during breakfast would be great. Maybe a panel q & a with the founding teacher/leaders? This really was such a great experience though!
  • More giveaways of books/swag if you get more sponsorship.
  • Feature service projects completed by chapters.
  • Having more ppl on devices getting the ball rolling so may need WiFi to be more accessible.
  • Even more sessions, authors, student led portions
  • A way for us to get to each of the author’s breakout sessions. And Project LIT merchandise is awesome. More of that is always good!
  • Time to plan, reflect, and collaborate.
  • keep being awesome!

Author: Jarred Amato

High school English teacher who is passionate about improving TN education, one book at a time.

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