Thank you, Tiffany Jackson

Happy Friday, everyone! Over the past two weeks, we’ve been sharing highlights from our inaugural Project LIT Summit.

Today we wanted to take a moment to show our appreciation for Tiffany D. Jackson, author of two twisty and incredible books, Allegedly and Monday’s Not Coming. Here’s what our attendees had to say!


Tiffany, thank you for…

  • Being YOU and inspiring the entire Project LIT family!
  • Sharing your story and telling the story of girls like my students.
  • Your twisty stories.
  • Your brilliant writing that lingers and makes you come up with all sorts of cockamamie theories!
  • Your presence all day and your kindness
  • Telling students not to be afraid to have conversations with adults that make them sweat.
  • Sharing your talent and being present in the afternoon sessions. You are all in and it shows!
  • Bringing light to stories that go unheard, intentionally.
  • Engaging students with your “twisty” books. They keep them wanting more and realizing that they actually love to read.
  • Writing twisty stories that keep us guessing, and for your honesty about your process and inspiration!
  • Being so twisty!
  • Always promoting ProjectLIT on Twitter
  • Being authentic and sharing how your stories came to be. In some way, it must have been difficult to research and write these novels, and it means a lot that you felt safe enough with our group to share those experiences with us.
  • For writing such a powerful story allegedly, for being so genuine, and continuing to be an upcoming and powerful voice.
  • Being open and honest with the attendees, AND for attending the regional breakout session – it was awesome to me to have one of the authors in our region actually attending the session to get to know us.
  • Being genuine, warm, and brilliant – in person and as an author.
  • Your humor.
  • Mary and Claudia. I believe they will become friends with my students.
  • Being willing to spend the day with us! I’m so excited to share your participating in the 20 Book Challenge with our students!
  • Being so sweet and responsive to kids.
  • Your realness and your love for our students.
  • Making me think about the dreams of my students of immigrant families, and how they are often silenced.
  • Being so thoughtful and kind.
  • Your great character- your real-life, twisting, frustrating stories.
  • Literary creativeness.
  • Your research and honesty that you put into your books.
  • Seeing our kids and your humility in this work despite how much your work KICKS ASS!
  • Being such a beautiful human, whose stories represent my students and lift up their narratives. I’m so grateful for you and your work. Thank you for being so down to earth and humble- you are such a fantastic model for students.
  • Being incredible and for writing great books for our kids!
  • Unapologetically being your badass self and for your stories; you amplify the voices of people who society tries to silence.
  • Not spoiling your plot twist
  • Being so inclusive and accessible.
  • Being awesomely twisty and passionate about giving voice to those who have been silenced!


Author: Jarred Amato

High school English teacher who is passionate about improving TN education, one book at a time.

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