Thank you, Nic Stone

If you follow this blog, you know how much Nic Stone means to our community of students and educators. Here’s what our attendees had to say about the Cardi B of YA lit following our inaugural Project LIT Summit.

Nic J

Nic Stone, thank you for…

  • being the ultimate Project LIT author ambassador!
  • Being unapologetically yourself. You speak truth to power and your makeup was on fleek.
  • Being so vivacious
  • Being the Cardi B of YA, and for being so real with the students you speak to.
  • Your unfiltered unique take on life and your passion
  • Pointing out the glaring issues with black representation in “the canon.” It was something I knew theoretically but didn’t truly think about until you brought up Crooks, Tom, and Jim.
  • Your unflagging love of students and Project LIT. The kids know you are genuine in your concern for them and they respond in kind.  You are loved!
  • Being extra!
  • for being so real and down to earth. You make me want to write a book of my own.
  • Being the Cardi B of YA Lit! You always show up and you are SO down to earth that I think everyone at the summit left feeling like we had a new best friend! Your warmth, energy, and words are beyond powerful!
  • Everything!
  • being real. Your connection to your readers is evident.
  • Just being you and spreading your unicorn, mermaid magic all over this movement. #CardiBofYALit
  • Being who you are, being so real, being so genuine, championing students, and writing such powerful words.
  • Being the absolute highlight of the summit for my students! They already loved your book but being able to connect with you as a person was HUGE for them.
  • Honesty
  • seeing, really SEEING, the students and making them feel seen, heard, valued, and worthy of talking with an author. You are a huge influence for them – and a postive, powerful, authentic one. I am fan-girling for sure, and I am 54!
  • Challenging my thinking
  • keeping it real, even when we’d like it to not be.
  • your honesty and spending so much time with us! It was such a valuable experience!
  • being you and for making my students feel like the kings & queens of the Universe!
  • Your connection. Your genuineness. Your strive to include everyone.
  • being the Cardi B of YA LIT! #MomLyfe
  • writing such an amazing book and for being so honest and thoughtful.
  • Honesty
  • writing about controversial topics that are frustrating for all to read and witness. Thank you for the good ending.
  • your honesty in your approach to writing and what’s right for kids.
  • your openness as always in caring for the people you write for.
  • Keeping it real with educators.
  • Loving kids so hard. It is one of my favorite things to watch you interact with students for real. You have an Incredible gift for writing, speaking, and sharing yourself with others. Looking forward to sharing that gift wig students for years to come.
  • being fabulous and for writing great books for our kids!
  • your extra self and your stories, which is an extension of your extra self.
  • Your extraness
  • being so real! Your down to earth and frank comments and conversations were awesome.
  • being so rad and so extra! You are a force and so fierce!

group pic 1

Author: Jarred Amato

High school English teacher who is passionate about improving TN education, one book at a time.

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