Project LIT Community is…

Yesterday we shared advice and inspiration from our incredible chapter leaders. Today we’ll share what Project LIT Community means to our family of educators.

In our winter survey, we asked chapter leaders to finish the sentence: “Project LIT Community…” and here’s what everyone had to say…

Group 1

  • has absolutely changed me as a teacher, mom, and person.
  • is door-opening, life-changing, thought-provoking, resource-full, supportive.
  • is an amazing resource enriching the student experience with diverse books!
  • has helped me meet so many students I would not have met outside of my own classroom.
  • is the best most supportive book project.
  • is a great way to bring a community together around wonderful literature.
  • is the PERFECT way to get students to read!
  • has been great for our HS students this year.
  • is just getting started!
  • has not only opened my mind to relevant issues that teens experience, but it has also given teens a way to discuss those issues.
  • has been exactly what I’ve been looking for in a book club for our middle school students.
  • is one of the best things that will happen for my school and community.
  • is my new favorite thing and has remotivated my teaching passion in year 25 of my career.
  • has provided a project with meaning for my readers to get excited about!
  • is fulfilling!
  • is transforming literacy engagement.
  • is going to feel like a Renaissance in my professional life.
  • is and will continue to sweep the country. It’s our response to the attacks on student choice in reading; the overwhelming whiteness, maleness, and cisheteronormativity in the canon; and the lack of love for reading.
  • has been the single best addition to my classroom in recent years.
  • is inspiring!
  • is inspiring so many to build a community of readers!
  • is changing lives by changing the books students read in school.
  • is a one of a kind experience where something as simple as reading can mean something magical, inspiring, and life-changing!
  • has opened the door to new authors and new ways of thinking.
  • makes a difference while connecting readers.
  • energizes kids as readers!
  • allows adults and children to bond over shared interests and conversations around literature.
  • is necessary to support literacy efforts in the United States, especially in under served communities.
  • is such an open, inviting and helpful community of educators and readers.
  • has been the answer to my problem of engaging ALL students in reading!!
  • has been my something beautiful this school year. It’s helped to renew my passion and purpose for the work we do as educators.
  • gives students’ a voice.
  • is an important step in transforming test driven schools.
  • pushes me to be a better teacher.
  • is welcoming and rejuvenating!
  • f***ing inspires me.
  • is helping to drive our literacy efforts with it’s great titles and support from other chapter leaders.
  • gives me the fuel I need to keep doing what I know must be done to get kids interested in reading relevant texts.
  • is an amazing opportunity to connect students with the books they deserve to see themselves in.
  • …is a literary movement needed for all students.
  • has opened up a new world of culturally relevant reading!
  • opens doors for kids.
  • is family.
  • is creating readers who are thinkers!
  • is an incredible group of people who truly love to read quality books and want to do the best for our children.
  • is my mission in 2019.
  • is an amazing project, and it is definitely something that fits within the curriculum of an IB school.
  • is an amazing experience for your school to increase and cultivate a culture of literacy in your school.
  • is a powerful opportunity for building community and a culture of reading/literacy in your school/classroom!
  • is an amazing family of students and educators who will change the world one book at a time.
  • has pushed me to introduce awesome books to students!
  • energizes me to do the hard work of showing up for students!
  • has made me a better educator, librarian, and person.
  • will help you learn something new each time you engage.
  • …is supportive, empowering, and joyful.
  • is a great way for kids to see themselves in the pages. It provides an authentic voice in literature for kids to connect with and find pleasure in reading.
  • gets kids who are reluctant readers, wanting to read books and finish them!
  • gets students excited about reading!
  • encourages students to be vocal about reading and creates a community of readers within your school.
  • is helping my students love reading again!
  • changes students’ lives and increases their joy of reading.
  • helps people connect with their community and see beyond.
  • is reviving independent reading at our school.
  • activates readers!
  • ROCKS!
  • brings students together.
  • has brought engaging, relevant, diverse selections to my students.
  • is my edu family, my people.
  • has given me a community of educators that encourage and motivate me to be the best version of myself that I can be for my kids.
  • is the heartbeat of our classroom.
  • has allowed me to connect with students on a completely different level and opened up a whole world via the books.
  • is a progressive, fun, supportive, and warm community.
  • is changing literacy in America.
  • is giving my students the opportunity to show their communities that student voices are powerful and will make our world a better place.
  • is an awesome leadership experience for our students…and teachers!
  • is the book club we need!
  • promotes the love of reading and the importance of social justice.
  • is going to be awesome!
  • gets students excited about reading and shows teachers and admin that even the most unlikely student can become a reader.
  • is my new home!
  • is a great opportunity for students to have a voice and learn that their voice matters.
  • is one of the best educational movements that has occurred in a long time.
  • is helping my students feel seen and creating avid readers.
  • is the bomb. Period.
  • makes book clubs cool for youth!
  • is just amazing – supportive, intelligent, and student-centered. I’m happy I found it.
  • is life-changing!
  • is an epic literacy movement that takes you and your students to a whole new level of experiencing Literacy in a global perspective of all walks of life. In other words your students will see themselves in literature like they have never seen in their lives before but at the same time students get a view of others which ultimately teaches our youth tolerance and understanding of others
  • supports my mission of creating a more inclusive literacy culture in our district and community.
  • grows readers.
  • is expanding bookshelves and minds, one chapter at a time.
  • is empowering our students to change the world!
  • puts students in control of what they read and share.
  • ROCKS! We’re a group of passionate readers, dedicated to giving every student a chance to read amazing, diverse books.
  • is a great way to get to know diverse books and to get to know each other while supporting the community.
  • is how it happens!


Author: Jarred Amato

High school English teacher who is passionate about improving TN education, one book at a time.

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